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পুষ্প বৃক্ষ এবং বিহঙ্গ পুরাণ pdf download

পুষ্প বৃক্ষ এবং বিহঙ্গ পুরাণ pdf book free download and review:

‘Pushpa, Vriksha and Bihanga Puran’ is a nature-based novel written in a completely new way in Bengali literature. I have tasted a strange combination of nature and human life in the writings of Bibhutibhushan that I have read in Bengali literature before. And if we talk about poetry, then the analogy of nature in the poems of Jibanananda Das is like the dedication of love of nature. The development of the sense of life in these timeless works of our Bengali literature; This book of ‘Ahmad Shafa’ can also claim independence even though it belongs to the same clan.
The author has written the whole novel as a memento of his autobiography. Here the author brings to the reader in a very beautiful way how a tree gradually becomes a part of one’s existence; how it becomes an integral part of one’s being.
Here he addresses the tree child as a human child. For example, somewhere he has set a unique example of an apple tree being an apple child and a tree plant in the general sense being a baby boy.
Is it really possible to establish a human-soul connection with a tree?
Yes, of course. Why not?
Mr. Chafa has established spiritual contact with the tree here. Where he can perceive the joys and sorrows of the tree. In the same way, the author has beautifully described his intimacy with birds here, addressing his pet brother-in-law as the son of birds for a spiritual relationship.
#Text_reaction: The name impressed me a lot after I picked up the book. And when the subject of a person’s spiritual relationship with flowers, trees and wings comes up through the author’s writing little by little inside the book, then the book will undoubtedly move the reader’s mind. The whole novel is like a bridge between human life and the various life scattered in nature.
The reader has to pick up the book to hear the fragrance of this flower, the swing of the tree or the song of Bihang.

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পুষ্প বৃক্ষ এবং বিহঙ্গ পুরাণ pdf

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