বাংলা বিএফ বই পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড

বাংলা বিএফ বই পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড লিংক – click this adult Pdf link

Le Misarable, the brightest star of French Romanticism in fiction and author Victor Hugo’s best work. The main story of this 19th-century novel is the life of a poor man, the beginning of his life, the beginning of his life, caught by police for stealing bread. Khata, who is trying to escape from prison, whose term is getting longer. Finally, after serving 19 years in prison, he escaped without completing his prison term, suddenly turning his life around, surrendering himself to Jesus … etc., And the life of the miserable people of Paris at that time. The political environment and the revolution are discussed in the novel. Occasionally, the author, like the essayists, tells the story of the rise and fall of Napoleon’s empire a few years ago. Nothing will be left out, everything has to be said. Sometimes due to these chapters the speed of reading the novel decreases, the path seems rough. Again, when the main story comes, the novel moves forward quickly. Reading the right chapter, it seems that it has nothing to do with the original novel, it seems irrelevant. But no, there is nothing irrelevant in this novel. And I had to wait till the last episode to understand that.

The translation is incomplete. The original book will be about 1500 pages with annotations. The Penguin version is 1458 pages, according to the Penguin Catalog. In that case, about 33% of the novel has been omitted (over 200 pages of annotations). The translator has occasionally misinterpreted the characters in the translation. The translation has been completely ruined. Like a translated sentence: Obey me.
According to the previous and next sentence, this sentence should have been: Obey my command. There are a hundred and fifty such errors throughout the entire 800 pages.
When did the doctors start delivering their own work?

What the heck, doctor, will ever work on the graveyard?
The sarcastic sentence has turned into a meaningless delusion of a madman.
Sometimes I feel a lack of commentary. Besides, there is nothing wrong with the book.
In spite of hundreds of errors in translation, Hugo’s French Le Mis টিrable-tee has penetrated me, “the wonder of a broken fence in a broken house,” the way it enters, extends its hand, calls us and makes me feel it, which is a common feature of great literary work.

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