বিএনপি সময় অসময় মহিউদ্দিন আহমদ Pdf Download

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বই :বিএনপি সময় অসময়ে
লেখক: মহিউদ্দীন আহমেদ
প্রকাশনী: প্রথমা প্রকাশন
মূল্য :৬০০ টাকা
পৃষ্ঠা: ৩৬৮
The BNP is a political party or a cantonment. If you want to find the answer, you can find the war of 1971, the background of period 72 to 85, Ziaur Rahman’s takeover of power, Zia and Taher’s conflict, campaign for formation of BNP party, 19 points, change of BNP from Jagdal, more versatile analysis can be found in the book. Struggle for political position. How is the BNP as a party. Descriptions of various important periods of Ziaur Rahman in the War of Independence such as the first mutiny on March 26, the assassination of Colonel Janjua, the declaration of independence in the name of Sheikh Mujib from Kalurghat. Ziaur Rahman was the highest-ranking officer in the military in 1971 (another was Lieutenant Colonel Salahuddin but was inactive during the entire war in the conflict with General Osmani at the April 4 meeting in Teliagarh) who was on Bangladesh’s side. Becoming a sector commander, becoming the head of the Z Force in July, contacting Taher in October, clashing with General Osmani during the war, and not getting the post of army chief despite his rival seniority,
Becoming a member of Bakshal, nominating Zia to be Germany’s ambassador and but Zia tried to stay in the military, he succeeded. Zia’s account at the time of Sheikh Mujib’s assassination. On 24 August, Khandaker made Mushtaq Zia the army chief, but General Osmani and Major General Khalilur Rahman were two more on top of Zia. The coup d’etat of 3rd November and the imprisonment of Zia. He took over as chief martial law administrator until 1986, when he was the chief martial law administrator and last president. Then verify public support with a yes or no referendum. Various hair-raising analyzes of the formation of BNP as a political party, homework, meetings with political leaders of different parties, use of military intelligence. And martial law began on 15 August 1985.) Hizful Bahar’s educational journey, Zia seems to have handled 16/17 coups during his rule, one of which was the revolt of some members of the Air Force during the hijacking of Japanese aircraft, the brutal assassination of some members of the Army on 30 May 1971 Fell victim.
Then Ershad took a plan to fulfill his ambitions, gradually imposed martial law, seized power. It was at this time that Begum Zia began her political career. During Ershad’s tenure, the BNP was divided twice. He was the coordinator of the 6-party alliance. He did not participate in the 198 general election and the 1986 election. In the meanwhile, the parliaments of the universities of Bangladesh including Dhaka are the triumph of the student party. Ershad has twice placed Begum Khaleda Zia under house arrest.
He has added some documents at the end of the book.

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