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Titleযুক্তিফাঁদে ফড়িং
Edition1st Published, 2021
Number of Pages102
ফাইল ফরম্যাট:Pdf free Download(পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড)

Chamak Hasan is a popular name. He is simultaneously a writer, researcher and mathematician. I got to know him through the internet world. Then I started reading books written by him. I became interested in his writing by reading the book ‘Ank Bhaiya’ written by Chamak Hasan Sir. Every book has a different feel to it. At the last book fair, I finished reading his new book ‘Grasshopper in Reason’. In a word, a wonderful book. The book is based on the fallacy of logic. This book is a reflection of the misconceptions we face as we walk back and forth. If you read the book, you can easily catch the errors of logic. This book can be a unique choice for those who love to debate. There is no easier book than this to learn logic through stories. The main character of the story is a boy named Hasib who has just finished his studies and joined as a math teacher in his village. But while teaching mathematics in class, he thinks that students need to know logical fallacies before learning mathematics. Then he continues to explain the fallacy of reasoning. If you know the errors of reasoning, you will always get some extra benefits. The benefits can be known by reading books. These misconceptions are scattered everywhere. Which can be used to sharpen your talent a little more. No one can escape by showing wrong logic. I have benefited a lot from reading the book. And I got a lot of fun Once I imagined myself in that classroom. I found some misconceptions in myself again!
Talking about the book will not end. In the name of the author as well as in the writing of the surprise. He who reads the book will love it. If you don’t want to fall into the trap of white, read the book quickly.

যুক্তিফাঁদে ফড়িং pdf download free link:


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