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Emotional intelligence means emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the intelligence that can help us to control our emotions, such as happiness, sorrow, anger, joy, laughter, tears, etc., in our daily lives.
What? I was shocked to hear the definition? I wrote what I understood after reading the book in my own language. Feeling weird? That’s right! I also found these issues as difficult and annoying. It seemed that there is no more study with so much emotion! But my mistake was broken after reading this book.
We always misbehave with the person on the other side because of our anger. Or when we are scared, we panic. Or if I am under too much stress, I can’t work properly. But what we do know is that with a little bit of awareness, we can easily control these emotions … It requires self-awareness, self-management, self-control and self-confidence. Can.

When a thought comes to us due to intense anger, we will positively refine the content. That’s great!
Also when we are very scared, we will use the pre-frontal cortex i.e. the logical brain without emphasizing the limbic system i.e. emotional brain. It is possible to get rid of that fear easily.
Numerous such emotional issues are described in great detail in the book through some very real events. Those stories are so great !! In the book, these have come to life as well as helped to understand these issues in a simple way.

And we could easily relate to the various events that happen to us on a regular basis. Non-fiction books should be as informative as they are enjoyable!


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