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raw: a history of india’s covert operations pdf download free in Bengali language –

Yatish Yadav, an inquisitive journalist from New Delhi. He has been a journalist for more than two decades, and for almost 15 years he has been covering the activities of various intelligence agencies, especially on Kashmir. Thanks to digital media, he has become a professional photographer. He then moved on to television and studied filmmaking.

He was nominated for Best Director at the New York International Film Festival in 2005 for his documentary “Ropes in Their Hands” about the International Human Trafficking Ring from Nepal. He has also worked as an Associate Editor at Network18.Rat: A History of India’s Covert Operations.

The Bengali translation of the book “India’s Secret Mission to Asian Countries including Bangladesh” is going to be published soon from the table of contents, translated by eminent translator Pramit Hasan. The book deals with the various secret missions of the Indian intelligence agency RAW, especially RAW’s activities in the political arena of different countries in Asia. The price of this thrilling book, which is going to be published on 23rd August, has been fixed at only 225 rupees. The cover of the book is planned by Saeed Bari.

Inside RAW by Ashoka Raina

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