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Arms and the Man Pdf Download

Arms and the Man pdf in English, Hindi, Bengali

Book Review: Arms and the Man

 first publication: 1894

Author: George Bernard Shaw

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Arms and the Man is a novel by John Le Carre, first published in 1974. It forms the basis of the subsequent BBC television series based on the same name, which premiered in the United States in March 1977. The book is the first part of a two-part memoir. The second part, Return to Arms, was published in 1975. The author recounts his involvement in British intelligence, beginning in the early 1950s. The novel is notable for its portrayal of the cold war.

The most dramatic war story of World War One — the story of the man who took the British Army on its first offensive on the Western Front, the battle at Cambrai. Colonel David Nutt was a leading figure in the war and the first commander of the tanks. He was also a brilliant innovator and designer, who drew up the plans for the first tanks and led the first tank attack. He was a man of many talents–a first-class painter, a talented horseman.


Arms and the Man is a comedy play written by George Bernard Shaw, an Irish dramatist and a Nobel Prize literate. He wrote more than 60 plays and contributed to literature through essays, novels, and short stories. His many writings include Widowers’ Houses and The Irrational Knot. He also wrote Immaturity, The Impossibilities Of Anarchism, Immaturity, Immaturity, Immaturity, and How She Lied to her Husband.

This play, set during the Serbo-Bulgarian War, explores war’s futility in a humorous manner. Raina Petkoff (a Bulgarian girl and the daughter of Major Paul Petkoff) is in a relationship with Sergius Saranoff, a war hero. Raina is sleeping in her bedroom when Captain Bluntschli (a Serbian soldier) enters. He is trying to flee from the search by the Bulgarian army. Raina helps him avoid the search and their conversation about war changes Raina’s view on War.

Raina is tired of Petkoff’s war and becomes attracted to Bluntschli. Bluntschli keeps Raina’s portrait with him in Bluntschli’s coat, inscribed with “To my chocolate-cream soldier.” Bluntschli receives the news of his father’s passing and travels to the funeral. Petkoff is told by Louka, Raina’s maid, that Raina was a Serbian soldier’s protector and fell in love with him. Petkoff proposes to Louka and breaks off the engagement with Raina. Bluntschli is back and has been engaged to Raina.




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