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nemesis by nazim uddin pdf downloads and review;

According to Nemesis-Greek mythology, the goddess of revenge of injustice.
Henry Wordsworth Longfellow’s book of poetry – Vita Nuva. Which means new life. In a house in Dhanmondi called Vita Nuva, the famous writer Zayed Rehman started his new life. This famous writer, who was paralyzed, was killed one night. And that night, his current wife Barsha and her boyfriend were engaged in a secret affair in the room next to the writer. Meanwhile, a young man was seen standing in front of Vita Nuva at the writer’s house. Although the investigation found the author’s second wife and her boyfriend Prabar guilty of murder, there were some inconsistencies in Detective Beg’s eyes. And based on these inconsistencies, the story of Nemesis, the first book in the famous basic crime thriller Beg Bastard series of Bangladesh, continues.
Some things in the book are very eye-catching. For example, Humayun Ahmed can be easily related to the murdered writer Zayed Rehman from several angles. There is a lot of bad talk about Zayed Rehman in the novel as he was a pedophile. Humayun fans may get a little hurt from that point of view. Because since Zayed Rehman can be easily related to Humayun Ahmed. It may sound bitter because this type of writing is not very common in Bangladesh. While reading, it seems that the author has probably left a little spoiler at the beginning of the novel. It is quite an idea who can commit the murder instead of Barsha and her lover. All in all, I like Nemesis fairly well.

nemesis by nazim uddin pdf

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