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অলাতচক্র pdf free download – Alatchakra ahmed sofa pdf

alatchakra by ahmed sofa pdf free download and review:

The novel is written from Daniel’s point of view. In this novel, the human image of the Bengali refugees in Calcutta during the war of liberation, the way of life, mental instability, etc., all the issues have come up. Daniel and Taiyeba, who is suffering from cancer, have expressed their hesitant but deep love. Daniel’s very friendly relationship with another exuberant lady, Archana, where there is no selfishness, no barriers to religion, is also well presented. Never before has there been such a different perspective on the Liberation War, Bangabandhu or the political figures of that time. If there is any truth in the story of this book, then many of the conventional beliefs that have been known so far are not true. It is an impeccable anecdote of war, love, hunger, despair and the light of hope.
Ahmed Shafa wrote the novel in 1975. Only Bardin wrote in his head. But he was not satisfied after the revelation. So rewrite a few years later. He also changed the names of the characters in the novel due to the objections of various people. As far as is known, the characters and events of the novel are the literary embodiment of the real character.
Note: The first 3D movie of Bangladesh starring Jaya Ahsan based on this book will be released tomorrow.

অলাতচক্র pdf download

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