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এসএসসি শর্ট সিলেবাস ২০২১ PDF – SSC Short Syllabus 2021 Pdf

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এসএসসি শর্ট সিলেবাস ২০২১ with pdf

Brothers often ask, if any of their brothers or friends are leaning towards Deen, which book should they read? In the comments, many siblings suggested translations of various publications of the Qur’an. Or many brothers started their religion by translating the Qur’an. Undoubtedly, the Qur’an is the main source of our thinking. But I have some experience in starting the knowledge of the religion with the Qur’an.
An acquaintance of mine. He came after Hajj and started religious knowledge.
A few days later he told me in words: I am reading the translation of the Qur’an. He did not find any difference between Mahar and the sex worker’s salary.
Another close person. Starting with the translation of the Quran. His feeling is: Current Islam is extremism, made by mullahs. The Islam of the Qur’an is not so difficult. You will find many such examples around you. All the erroneous sects, like themselves, give evidence from the Qur’an. Again, the existence of erroneous groups based solely on the Qur’an is not unknown to us. Well, why is that. The Qur’an was the first teaching of the Companions, they were not confused.
There are two reasons for this:
One. There must be someone to explain the Qur’an. The Prophet himself used to explain the Qur’an to the Companions. Thus this understanding has been transferred to every generation. The problems have arisen out of this series of common understandings. There must be someone who will explain to me this original explanation (the understanding of the Prophet and his Companions). It is true that it is not possible for us to read the Qur’an sitting with someone because of our busy schedule. One solution may be to take a simple tafsir (translation with explanation) and take notes if you do not understand any place while reading. Taking them at a convenient time for a scholar to be cleared. This is why reading only translations is discouraged. Because practical experience is not good. And as a ‘holy lesson’ of religion, I will directly forbid it.
This is our second reason. That is, we studied in the General Curriculum. Which is the British-made education system, the education structure. In introducing a new education by changing the traditional education system of the subcontinent, their goal was to create a ‘class that is Indian in blood and skin color, but English in taste-opinion-policy-judgment’ [1]. This is exactly the class that came to power after the expulsion of the English, made policies, ran the country, wrote books. Only these are the educated class, the rest are idiots. As a result, even if the English left, we are getting up-sitting-walking-returning-learning in the taste-opinion-policy-judgment of the English. Generation after generation we are growing up to be ‘English in color, English in style’. And the source of the thinking of the English and the Europeans is the worldview of the Greeks and the social-state sense of the Romans.


This process of coming out of the shell of Christianity began in the Renaissance in the 14th century and ended in the Enlightenment in the 16th century. Freedom-Equality-Morality-Neutrality-Naturalism These ideas have spread all over the world on the occasion of colonization. These have been taught and created by the class who are European in thought. That class formed the thinking of our fathers, they are ours. Generationally we carry those thoughts, willingly or unwillingly.
When one reads the Qur’an after these spectacles, one question after another arises. Why did the girls get half the property? Why do girls witness half the price of boys? Why did God say to fight? Why allow four marriages? Why the provision of slavery? Why this, why that? Normal. Because these European standards are in conflict with Islam. They have taught us to think of these European values ​​or ideas as ‘ultimate’, ‘constant’, ‘omnipotent truth’, ‘perfect in destruction’ [2]. As a result, the religion given by Allah, the standard of Allah seems barbaric to us, seems medieval, seems old-fashioned. See the difference between the two criteria. One is the Greco-Roman pagan ideology of ‘old wine in new bottles’. Another is that the Creator Himself is given by the Sovereign Lord Himself, who Himself has created the dynamic nature of the human mind-human society-human body. But today we are questioning the decision of Allah on the scale of human philosophy. Today, the question of atheists about Islam, the inferiority of modernist revisionist moderate Muslims, is the source of all these Western criteria and the tendency to consider Western ideas as ‘final’. This is the source of all questions, all objections.
If you want to get guidance from Quran, first of all you have to bring this British-wash brain to neutral with counter wash. Their social sciences are not as proven as Western physics. Newton’s concepts of mechanics, such as Western economics-political science-sociology, are not unquestionable. Their whole social sciences stand on one definition — the person, the human. human, person, individual: the philosophical definition of these, above it the definition of family, the definition of society, the definition of the state, the definition of economy, the definition of law, the concept of rights-freedom-equality-morality. The whole of Western civilization stands on it, so to understand Western thinking one must understand the definition of this human. We need to know the difference between humanity and humanism. Once you understand this idea, where do so many questions about Islam come from, it can be easily grasped. The secular liberal values ​​that have been inculcated in our minds through our education system as ‘unquestionable’, as ‘questionable taboos’ like religious discipline; Being forced to accept in various ways – it will be caught in the realization.
The first book to be given to a British-wash Muslim is no more. Allah has taken that task with the help of Ustad Iftekhar Sifat Hafizahullah. Undoubtedly, this book ‘Human Being’ should be the first book read by a general-educated Muslim. So that he can recognize himself: Am I a Western ‘human’, or Allah’s ‘Abd’? ‘Which is what I want to go to the grave’ – this is the self-knowledge that a Muslim needs as he grows up. And a new Muslim needs this decision before reading the Kalama. Want to meet God as a ‘human’ who denies God-given morality? Or we want to stand before God as His servant by obeying the morality given by God. I have to make this decision before reading the Quran. So, I would like to request every Muslim brother to read this book and think about how to get this book into the hands of everyone who is practicing it.
And in the question of atheists, we are acquitted with branch answers. Suppose a person asks: Why did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) get married so much? Will he become a Muslim only if he gets the answer to this question? How many questions would you answer? Or is it better to put a stone at the source of his question? Then this book is that stone. The rest of the work is easy if you question the religion that he believes in, ‘secular liberal humanism’. May Allah give a good reward to Ustad Iftekhar Sifat. I don’t have much work here. Except for reading a couple of readings and covering a few references. May Allah forgive me for this.

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